Student Testimonials

"Studying at CMC has been a GREAT experience. I really liked the classes and the teachers, and I could feel that my English improved every day. The environment is great because there are people from all around the world and you get to know not only the Welsh / British culture but also different cultures from a lot of other countries!" - Yan, China

"I've been studying English in my country for two years but only grammar. So, I decided to find a place where I can really practice my English. I searched on the internet and I found Then, I decided to come here. On the first day that I was here, I suddenly thought that I've made a right decision to come here. I fell in love with CMC!! The environment is so nice. All teachers and friends welcome me and plus I can go shopping every day after school as it is right in the centre of the city. I've learned lots of new things and made many new friends from different countries. It's not only English that I've learned, but also the Welsh and British culture and other cultures as well. Moreover, I've learned that different cultures go together. I really don't want to go back because I really enjoy my time in Cardiff and especially in CMC. I wish I could stay longer. If I have a chance, I will definitely come back here. Thank you very much CMC. I'll remember you forever!!!" - Filemena, Portugal

"My stay at CMC Cardiff was awesome! They provided me good teachers and facilities and a well-built structure for the classes. They also gave me a unique opportunity to improve my English as I had never before. I could not have had better teachers than the ones I found in CMC! All of them have an amazing knowledge of English and they have many different ways of teaching without making the class a boring environment. They found a really kind homestay family in which I trust and who made my stay in Cardiff even richer in terms of English learning. I hope that I can come back and spend more time in this fantastic place. Thank you for what you have done for me CMC!" - Ahmed, Libya

"I was at CMC to learn English, because I need it for my further studies. During my stay, I learned a lot of grammar, communication, vocabulary and also themes of culture with nice teachers. The school CMC is perfect to learn English and in a multicultural atmosphere. It gave me the opportunity to start new friendships with people all around the world. I recommend CMC to everybody who wants to learn English in a great atmosphere." - Abdullah, Qatar

"I've greatly appreciated what CMC has given to me during the time I was there. Especially, all the teachers were so nice and friendly. They are not only professional in their works but also very inspirational. I've learned a lot of new information from every single hour I spent in the classes with dedicated teachers and friendly classmates in an active and creative atmosphere. What I've learned here is not just academic information; also I've learned more or less useful skills for living. Indeed, my English was really improved even though I've just studied here for a few months. Particularly, my speaking skill and listening skill are so much better than before. In addition, you would feel safety when you study here because all members in CMC are willing to help you a lot. You should be sure that you will be in an eventful environment during your stay here with a lot of friends from over the world. The most thing I like best is no matter what who you are or where you from, all the people here treat you fairly and friendly. I am for sure to say that CMC in Cardiff is a great place to study. I will miss a lot everything in CMC and thanks to every teacher from CMC!!! I hope I can be back soon!!" - Mae, France

"Before I came to Cardiff, I didn't know that I was going to discover a new world. I learned about other cultures, I learned English and had a good experience living with my homestay family. CMC created many good memories for me and I think this is the best experience of my life." - Zsofia, Hungary

"CMC is a great school to learn English. I like their policy that forbids the students from speaking in their mother tongue. The teachers have lots of experience, they are very approachable and they always try to make classes fun and also productive. Since I started studying English at CMC, I feel very comfortable about my progress and I've enjoyed it so much that I extended my stay in Cardiff, so I could continue studying here at CMC." - Eman, Oman

"I am very happy to have learnt English with illuminating and helpful teaching staff at this school which has cheerful and affectionate people that interested in not just about learning English also your Cardiff life, too if you have any problem about it. This is really good because you do not feel alone in this country although to be foreigner. I have a lot of nice experiences about sharing with the other students who are from different country because of CMC that is international. I say, I appreciated to have come here and spent good time together with these special staff." - Amedeo, Italy

"First of all, I really want to express my feeling of gratitude to CMC. I've gotten lots of inspiration from the teachers and the students. They were always attentive and insightful! On top of that, no one minded spending time on each student's problem. Thank you so much for everything. I sincerely wish CMC an amazing future!" - Yelnar, Russia

"I am a mature student who had forgotten much of the English I learned in school and university years ago. So I signed up for two weeks of advanced English at the CMC as a refresher course. I found the classes most informative and useful. My teachers were well prepared, professional and helpful. Most important for me and for all my fellow students really, was the way in which we were encouraged and stimulated to speak English and not just listen passively. By the time I left Cardiff, I felt that I had definitely benefited from my experience at CMC. Meeting so many friendly young people from other countries was an added bonus." - Cem, Turkey

"Thanks to CMC, I have been able to enjoy my British life and have lots of experiences there. CMC was like my second home because the staff and the teachers were very friendly and attentive. They create comfortable and loving atmosphere which are very important for students from different countries. I am just full of appreciation to CMC. Thank you very much." - Maria, Spain

"The College was simply great! In my first day I already went to the second morning class and it was really good! The teachers are the best, they have an incredible knowledge and also they know how to keep the class interesting. The College activities for make the people walk around Cardiff and discover something that only Welsh people would know. The best thing is most of them are free! In CMC I found a lot of international students and there was an English Only Policy. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget! I made new friends, visited a lot of new places and most important, learnt a huge knowledge." - Vicente, Brazil

"Attending CMC has been a great experience for me. The great variety of courses and extremely friendly atmosphere really helped me to improve my English language skills and served as a very useful preparation for my degree at Cardiff University." - Salem, Saudi Arabia

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