Homestay Accommodation

Homestay helps you practise English in a welcoming and relaxed family atmosphere, while experiencing multicultural British life. It is economical and house rules must be followed. Hosts are carefully selected in Cardiff and regularly inspected to ensure our high standards are met. Hosts treat the student as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas; no more than four students will be accommodated in homestay accommodation at any one time.

Availability All year around
Location Located between 1 to 6 miles from the College.
Weekly or monthly bus and train passes are available to buy from Cardiff train or bus station.
Travelling Time 15 to 30 minute's from the College by public transport.
Room Type Single

Room Description Comfortable with basic furniture and bedding. A small closet to store clothes and belongings. A place to study is allocated in the bedroom or a quiet place in the house. The room is cleaned regularly but must be kept neat and tidy.
Meals Provided* Breakfast and an evening meal from Monday to Friday with a light lunch included on weekends.
Laundry One machine load of washing weekly.
Bathroom One bathroom to be shared with all members of the household. Towels are provided but not toiletries.
Telephone Students are not permitted to call mobiles or international numbers on the house telephone. We advise our students to buy a mobile phone or sim card in order to make and receive calls or students can buy international calling cards from local shops to make calls.
Internet Most of our hosts offer Internet (WiFi).
*Cooking facilities are not included; access to these is the host's decision. Breakfast is not usually cooked (toast, breakfast cereal, fruit juice, tea or coffee). The main meal of the day in the evening often includes meat, fish or poultry, unless you have asked in the booking form for vegetarian meals. Special dietary requirements are only available on request and if stated in the booking form.
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