Course & Class Levels

Each level below can be used as a guide to what a student should be able to do at every General English course.

Level 1 - Elementary (Common European Framework Level A1 – A2)

Talk about things they are doing now and what they have done in the past
Describe objects and people
Ask simple questions in the present and past
Read short texts
Listen to short dialogues
Write short e-mails and postcards

Level 2 - Pre-Intermediate (Common European Framework Level B1)

Make comparisons
Talk about future plans
Agree and disagree
Make polite requests
Describe people's appearance and character
Read longer texts
Listen to more difficult dialogues
Write short informal letters and stories

Level 3 - Intermediate (Common European Framework Level B1-B2)

Talk about their intentions
Make predictions
Express obligations and give advice
Maintain a conversation and chat with friends
Use more complex vocabulary to talk about holidays, the news, relationships, future plans
Listen to longer dialogues and short narratives
Write narrative and descriptive passages and short compositions

Level 4 - Upper-Intermediate (Common European Framework Level B2)

Express personal opinions in a discussion
Describe problems in detail
Give a short presentation
Feel confident having a formal telephone conversation
Read and understand newspaper articles and longer stories
Listen to longer dialogues, interviews and radio news items
Write longer compositions, narratives, formal and informal letters

Level 5 - Advanced (Common European Framework Level C1–C2)

Participate actively in longer discussions with native speakers and interact spontaneously
Present and defend their point of view
Give longer presentations and reports
Use phrasal verbs and idioms appropriately
Read and understand more complicated texts, novels and articles
Listen to longer radio interviews, news reports and watch films in English
Write longer stories, compositions, reports and essays


IELTS — International English Language Testing System
TOEFL — Test of English as a foreign Language
TOEIC — Test of English Language for Communication
CEF — Common European Framework
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